The Warren Leadership Program seeks students in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences that excel in academics and have an interest in public policy and agriculture. The selection process includes an application, finalist selection, and interview of finalists. The selection process is rigorous and seeks to identify students that will be most successful in the program. The program duration is January through December with the program internship component taking place during the summer.

In order to be considered for a fellowship, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be majoring in a degree program within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences as a sophomore, junior or senior
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better
  3. Be in good standing with the University Office of Student Conduct
  4. Be interested in potentially pursuing a career in the public policy arena as related to food, agriculture, and/or the environment

The expectations for students in the program are:

  1. Be committed to participating in enrichment activities related to this program beyond their normal school schedule, including seminars, workshops, field trips, DC experience, etc
  2. Be willing to take on a leadership role as a Fellow and exhibit exemplary character as a student at NC State University
  3. Create and present a project focused on a public policy/leadership issue in North Carolina
  4. Attend scheduled donor events that relate to the program
  5. Submit reports and journals related to the Fellow experience and lessons learned throughout the year
  6. Be willing to commit to the entire learning experience, making the most of every opportunity to grow and develop as a future leader

Fellows can expect:

  1. A program staff committed to each fellow and his or her personal development needs
  2. An engaging learning experience that promotes the diversity of agriculture
  3. A program that presents the latest, research-supported practices that will prepare fellows to be successful 21st Century leaders
  4. Access to thought-leaders and influencers in agriculture, food policy, life sciences, industry and public service
  5. Personalized mentorship opportunities that enable each student to gain meaningful leadership insights for use in their professional careers
  6. Opportunities to build upon their professional network
  7. A full-time summer internship experience that gives them a greater understanding of the complex challenges facing food and agriculture as related to public policy
  8. A greater understanding of how public policy develops and is implemented as related to the State of North Carolina and the federal government

Applications for the 2017 -pdf file / word file